Winner of the William Carlos Williams Award (Poetry Society of America)

“Monica Youn, quite simply, is one of the two or three most brilliant poets working in America today. In these revelatory poems, the reader encounters an exhilarating thinking-through of all that lyric form entails. No one can match her for impeccable distillation; we knew that before. But in Blackacre, we also encounter a more expansive, undefended version of the poet than any of her previous work had led us to expect. This book is a marvel; read it and read it again.”—Linda Gregerson



Finalist for the 2010 National Book Award for Poetry

“Modernist, secret philosopher, ironic medium, dialectician, inventor of a terse exuberance, hypocrites’ steely antagonist […] Monica Youn is all those things in these astonishing, compact poems, whose spare lines and dense clusters unfold almost illimitably into panels and landscapes and transcontinental journeys. […] No poet of Youn’s generation has made more demands on herself—and none has done more in her art.” —Stephen Burt



“With formal mastery, Monica Youn’s Barter exchanges history for myth, direct speech for epistles, activity for observation. The opulent interior of these poems, often shaped by the responsive couplet, houses an exploding silence that never underestimates its close relation to erasure. I found this incredible collection disconcerting in its spectatorship, and breathtaking in its beauty.”—Claudia Rankine

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